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Deploy Laravel 7 app to shared hosting (namecheap)

This is a step-by-step guide of how I deployed a Laravel 7 project to a shared hosting in NameCheap explaining how to install Composer, how to deploy your code, database configuration and Apache config.

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Bootstrap a Laravel 7 and Tailwind CSS project

In this quick article I explain how to scaffold a Laravel 7 project including the new CSS framework Tailwind CSS. In addition, I included PurgeCSS to help decrease the size of the project bundle.

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How I built a new year resolutions exercise

How I created the year review and new year resolutions exercise for our side project the LifeBoard using Vue.js, Vuetify, Node.js and AWS Lambda and API Gateway

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My name is Antonio, I'm from Zamora (Spain) currently living in London and working as a freelance developer.
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