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How I built a new year resolutions exercise

Published on 2020-01-06

I've been working in a side project called the LifeBoard for a few weeks now. Its main purpose is to help people identify and achieve their goals by creating habits. We know this seems like a very wide and difficult to tackle problem but we think it's just a matter of creating a service focused on few key principles we've been following in our life for the last couple of years: ... Read more

Create a serverless subscribe form with AWS Lambda function and API

Published on 2019-12-19

One of the best advices I've read online when starting a new product or service is to create a landing page to explain the problem it solves and its features, then share it online to validate if it's something people will be interested in. It's never being easier to built a static site than today, with no code tools like Webflow or sites with templates like SquareSpace. I've never been a fan of this as I always find that when I have to modify very small details, things get tricky and sometimes are just not possible, so for my last side project I decided to use Vue CLI + Vuetify. ... Read more

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My name is Antonio, I'm from Zamora (Spain) currently living in London and working as a freelance developer.
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