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Bootstrap a Laravel 7 and Tailwind CSS project

Published on 2020-03-18

I've decided to redesign and upgrade my website with Tailwind CSS and Laravel 7 so here is a quick guide of how to bootstrap a project that uses both of them. ... Read more

My Linux (OS X look alike) desktop setup

Published on 2019-01-22

During 2018 I've been running Ubuntu in my personal laptop and, although overall I like running Linux, I wasn't fully sold on Gnome. Animations were slow and sometimes my desktop wasn't as fluid as I think it should be on an Intel i7 8550u, 16GB RAM and a pretty fast NVMe SSD. In addition, half of the time I'm using OS X at work and switching between them was a bit of a pain. After trying different desktop environments, like Mate and even different Linux distributions I think I've finally found a setup I'm really comfortable using. This is how it looks: ... Read more

Set up a Laravel developement environment in Ubuntu 17.10

Published on 2018-03-18

One of the things I've always wanted to improve was my knowledge of Unix. I've been using Apple laptops over the last years but I never really dived deep into it as OS X is very easy to use. I recently bought a new PC and learnt to dislike Windows10  (Cortana, system updates that takes ages, random applications installed...) day after day for some weeks before I decided to make a partition and install Ubuntu. ... Read more

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