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NPM behind the scenes and publish guide

Published on 2018-11-15

Lately I've found myself in a situation when I have to reuse some of my code in different projects and I've ended up just copy pasting functions or entire files from one project to another. This is not very practical as I have to browse between projects and it always takes a while until I found what I'm looking for. Luckily NPM is here to help as we can use it to publish and install reusable pieces of code (packages). In this article I'll explain how NPM woks behind the scenes, and the different ways to publish your own JS modules so you can reuse them in other projects or just share them. ... Read more

Building a JavaScript JWT auth system using TDD (part 2)

Published on 2018-11-07

This is the second part of this series about building a JavaScript authentication system using TDD. In the first part we created an Express app that exposed two endpoints for registering new users (with some validations) and login in. As we didn't sore the user details in a database, we were not able to implement a proper login validation so that's what we'll do in this article. Let's go! ... Read more

Building a JavaScript JWT auth system using TDD (part 1)

Published on 2018-10-01

Every time I want to learn a new programming language or framework I try do a couple of basic apps, like a to do list and then move to something I can reuse in future projects, like a user registration and authentication system. In this article I'll explain how to create an authentication system in JavaScript with an API (built with Express) that uses Json Web Tokens (JWT). In addition, I'll be following a Test Driven Develoment approach using a Mocha as a test framework and Chai as the assertion library.  ... Read more

Understanding JavaScript Promises

Published on 2018-08-07

I've spend the last weeks coding a lot in JavaScript and, although I've been using promises in my code I wasn't fully sure how they worked. I've been using functions that returned them (like axios get() and post() methods for API calls) but not implementing them myself so, I decided that the best way to understand how they work was to code a a few demos.  ... Read more

Building a Blockchain with UI in Javascript

Published on 2018-07-09

Last week I decided I wanted to build a simple application to create and display what a Blockchain is and how its blocks are all linked to one another. First I created a couple of classes in Javascript to define the Blockchain itself and each of the blocks and then, I added the methods to initialise the chain, add new blocks and validate its contents. I had to import the crypto-js package to generate the hash of each block. Once the basic functionality was done and I was able to test it in the terminal with Node, I built a basic interface using Vue.js, creating one component for each JavaScript class. To compile all components into a single .js file I used Webpack 4. You can download all the code from the following repo. Find below some more details of how I did it. ... Read more

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