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Schedule scripts/tasks with Cron

Published on 2018-06-16

In one of my last projects I had a requirement to run a small PHP script two days a week at a certain time. In other projects I solved this requirement using ControlM, but for this project that wasn't an option so I had to search for an alternative which, to my surprise, was pretty easy to use and learn, already included in my hosting server and also included in my personal laptop. In case you didn't know already, I'm talking about Cron. ... Read more

Vue.js and REST API coding quick tips

Published on 2018-04-08

I've spent the last couple of weeks building web applications using Laravel APIs in the back end and Vue.js in the front end. I really like this combination as with Laravel you can build APIs very quick, it manages user authentication from scratch and generates oauth tokens for API requests with Passport, which is included by default. ... Read more

Guide to build web app with authentication and REST API with token authentication

Published on 2018-04-29

In this article I'm going to explain how to create a simple web application to create tasks with the authentication included in Laravel. Then we'll create an API that will manage access tokens and expose some of the functionalities and finally test the API with Postman. If you do are not familiar with Laravel, you can check my previous article about how to set up a development environment. All the code of this article is available to download in the following GIT repository. Let's dig into it! ... Read more

Guide to deploy Laravel 5 app to shared hosting (1and1)

Published on 2018-03-18

In this article I'm going to explain how to deploy a Laravel 5 application to a shared hosting using 1and1 as a reference. If you are using a different hosting provider some steps can be different, like the ones involving the control panel, but other should be pretty similar. Hope it helps you. ... Read more

Migrating layout from Bootstrap to CSS Grid

Published on 2018-03-24

CSS Grid is here. With the last versions of the main browsers supporting it, it's very likely that will become one of the most popular ways to structure the content of the web. In this article I'm going to explain how to migrate a simple web template (header, two columns for menu and main content and footer) from Bootstrap, one of the most popular frameworks, to CSS Grid. The results will be identical but the CSS Grid one will give use more flexibility to position our content. You can find all  files of this article in the following repository. Let's dig into it! ... Read more

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